“Join us at the Hambidge Weave Shed Gallery from 4-6pm on July 26 for the opening of MailBox: a correspondence exhibit to celebrate 80 years ofHambidge. Inspired by the Fluxus movement, mail art is collaboration in small scale, sent through the post; it’s about communication, exchange, community and fun. Hambidge Fellows have been invited to creatively alter a card and send it back to us. Each piece will be offered for sale at $80. Curated by Hambidge Fellow Didi Dunphy, this show promises to be inventive and joyful.”

100% of the sale of this drawing goes to the Hambidge Creative Residency Center.



Here is a CD of musical improvisations based around the khokpo, a Tibetan instrument. Khokpo is the word for dramyen in Bothi, the dialect of Spiti. I visited the Spiti Valley in the Himalaya in 2010. (Here is a book about that trip.)

The CD is free for download in AIFF (uncompressed) and MP3 (compressed) formats here, along with printable CD case art:


If you care to, please make a donation to the Jamyang Foundation, an education project for Himalayan women.

If you would like a CD mailed to you, send me a message.


For Padma Dorje 1’47: khokpo


Autumn * 3’18: khokpo, bubul tirang (Hindi: बुलबुल तरंग literally “waves of nightingales” — an autoharp), vocals, electronic percussion, synthesizer


Julay! Julay! 2’17: khokpo


Streets of Kaza 3’23: khokpo, synthesizers, field recordings from Spiti


Spiti River at Nako 3’15: khokpo


Pua Lililehua † 3’02: khokpo


Yaks on the road 2’29: khokpo


Old Manali 3’02: khokpo, guitar, bass, drum machine, piano


For Padma Dorje (phase) 1’13: khokpo


Fortress monastery 2’09: khokpo


High mountains & blue skies 2’40: khokpo, Korg Monotron, guitar.


Great Translator 2’32: khokpo


You Try ‡ 2’47: khokpo


Music from improvisations on the khokpo. I was lucky to receive one, made by a local craftsman in 2010 in Kaza, the provincial capital of Spiti, in Himachal Pradesh, India.

Lyrics and music by Jon Ciliberto.‡

* My version of “Ston gyi lu (Autumn)”, from the album Ladakh: Songs & Dances from the Highlands of Western Tibet
† Hawaiian song, written by Mary Puku’i & Kahauanu Lake
‡ Padma Dorje playing (and trying to keep from drifting out of tune!) the instrument; recorded at his house in Kaza, Aug 2010.

Recorded in Atlanta, Georgia
Dec 2013 – Jan 2014



I am playing bass with my Dad’s musical duo — Vince Ciliberto is on guitar and vocals, Cynthia Cero is on dulcimer and vocals — and Zac Denton joins on fiddle. This show is at Gibbs Gardens, which is (I am told) a fantastic, huge ornamental garden up in N. Georgia.

This is this Saturday, 5:30 – 8:30.

We are also playing there on July 4th.

Everything is ‘weather permitting’.

The music is mellow; popular songs from the 40s through the 70s: Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Marley, Hank Williams, Peggy Lee, John Denver, Glen Campbell…


Six musicians are invited to play in duos and trios determined at random, with names drawn out of a hat.”

This is the 37th (monthly) installment, at Beep Beep Gallery, Friday 16 May, 10 pm. Performing:

Britt Teusink – electronics
Ryan Parks – electronics
Jon Ciliberto – guitar and synthesizer
Ryan Taylor – bass & electronics
Maddy Davis – vibraphone
Claire Belcher – violin

Details are here.

Invent Room Pop Bandcamp page.


You can see many images (including some of the performance by Chinese Frankenstein in the bamboo) and hear some of the music made, here.

(Looking back over the photos I am so so heart-warmed to see so many dear friends. . . For me, a main value of having a house was having a place to invite friends to visit.)

4-19-09-zac-stan-jama 4-19-09-endtimes-scott-satch1


Free Poems on Demand is performing in Flux Projects  McTell Street Project. We’ll be at the corner of 12th Street and Peachtree (among the food trucks) every Thursday in April:

  • April 3, noon-1pm
  • April 10, 1:30pm-2:30pm
  • April 17, 12:30pm-1:30pm
  • April 24th, noon-1pm


Birthday playlist

March 7, 2014

Picture 20


We had a small group of friends over, and as the first arrived, here is the musical background thrown together from recent additions. Yes, this is intended to represent My Birth.


A Quarterly Report

February 10, 2014

For something a bit different. . . on approximately this date in 2009, I prepared an “Annual Report” for Suma Studios: these were somewhat sporadically produced, but consecutive records of my musical work (or play). Here is the CD tray card from the report for the first quarter 2007.



Friday, 1/24: My “ambient dub trio” (with Jeffrey Grove [electronics] and Satchel Mallon [drums]) performs at painter Tommy Taylor’s site-specific piece Senga at Ponce City Market
7-10 pm

Friday, 1/31, 9 pm: at the PRE International Noise Conference. (A Creative Loafing article on the event.)

Saturday, 3/1, 7 pm: at Big Canoe Lodge, playing bass with Vince Ciliberto (guitar, vox), Cynthia Celo (dulcimer, vox) and Zac Denton (violin)



RIP Pasha Kitty

November 9, 2013

Pasha died today, 9 November 2013