On the Bosphorus

March 16, 2015



Hats help me fit in

March 16, 2015

At Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque, commissioned by Suleiman the Magnificent and completed in 1528. I found this mosque to be extremely peaceful, and also enjoyed walked around in Çarşamba, a highly conservative neighborhood. Also nearby, I visited the Church of St. Mary of the Mongols, the only Byzantine church from Constantinople that has remained a church from those days. It is behind high walls, and like other Greek Churches in Istanbul, fearful of attacks.


Kickstarter Update

March 15, 2015

I’ve posted some sketches from Istabul on my Kickstarter page.



I am opening this show at Eyedrum, and honored to be there.

Faun and a Pan Flute is a fantastic local nine-piece band, and Battle Trance is a saxophone quartet from Brooklyn.

Zac Denton (keys) will join me and Jeffrey Grove (e-sax) will sit in for a track. Expect the usual assortment of musical oddments.

Facebook event page.



I’ve made a book(let) of some drawings I made while in London last November.

It is hand sewn and printed on 24 lb. linen paper, 20 pages with a 32 lb. full cover color: thus 24 pages of drawings. The center spread is also full-color.

The deluxe first edition is 108 copies; 48 copies remain, and they are for sale for $10 each, shipping to USA included. Or, you can find them at Poem 88 gallery.

The drawings are ink, pencil, colored pencil, and watercolor.

Email me at jciliberto at gmail to order one.

11-2014-london-drawings-book_1898_sm 11-2014-london-drawings-book_1899_sm 11-2014-london-drawings-book_1903_sm




A performance of quiet electronics using battery-power and a single mono output per performer: in the big reverb of Poem 88 gallery

Wednesday, January 7th, 9 pm.

Performers include:

Adam Babar
Cedro Danado
Gage Gilmore
Robby Kee
Frank Schultz
Lindsay Smith

and others to be named.

link and Facebook event page.

And some sound files from the performances are here.


… send me an email.

I have seven small drawings I made recently in London, on the tube and in pubs, and I am real-mailing them to the seven people who send me an email.



This Sunday, we will be writing free poems at the Atlanta Streets Alive on Highland Ave from 2pm – 6pm.

Look for us 

on Highland Ave between Freedom Parkway and Colquitt.



Georgia Lawyers for the Arts

September 2, 2014

I am an extern this fall at Georgia Lawyers for the Arts.

GLA’s purpose “is a nonprofit organization that provides legal assistance and educational programming to artists and arts organizations in Georgia.” (

In addition to acting as a legal referral service (connecting artists and arts with pro bono lawyers), GLA, “through [its] full schedule of educational seminars and classes; our resource library, and our network of over 500 volunteer and member attorneys, provides legal assistance to musicians, songwriters, photographers, filmmakers, painters, poets, graphic designers, actors, theatre companies, dance troupes, museums and artists from many other disciplines.”

One reason I sought out this externship was to act as a conduit between local artist and a source of pro bono legal work. My larger reason for coming to law school was to try to operate in the public interest, for instance by helping to reduce the gap between legal representation for those with financial means, and those without.

If you have questions about GLA, what it does, and if it can help you, please send me a message.

Jon Ciliberto


I am opening for the Steve Marquette Quintet. Music starts at 9 pm. I plan to play alternating electronic and acoustic pieces. Details here.