Here is a very rapidly-executed cover of the song Steven Martin sings for Bernadette Peters… ukulele and warbly voice, made on this date in 2008.

“Tonight You Belong To Me” [1’37”]


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Small Pleasures

March 3, 2017


I am enjoying these little devices. Here is tonight’s experiment with the recent construction of CV control  (grey box) of a Korg Monotron (middle), with Kastle Synth and Volca Sample providing the source sound and CV input. The rather crude recording setup means this is all mono…. live with no post-processing.



On the Bus

February 13, 2017

2-13-2017-on-the-busHere is some solo synth, entirely on the fantastic Bastl Kastle synth. The patch (illustrated) was devised while riding the bus home from work.



After long hiatus, here is Monomania improvising on an afternoon, November 13, 2016, in fact.

IIRC, Jeff (electribe, radio, Casio SK-1, effects), Jon (Volca Sample, microKorg, Casio SK-1, production).



Respite 9 at Mammal Gallery

December 14, 2016


I am performing in this, the ninth iteration of Nathan Brown’s soothing, warm and quiet music for chilly days at Mammal Gallery.


Back in August I created a performance to conclude a residency by Atlanta artist Meredith Kooi: to interview people living along South Fork Peachtree Creek near Poem 88 Gallery. I went door-to-door and asked a series of questions about living on the Creek, and from the material wrote four songs. They were performed at the gallery, and the start-to-finish time was about six weeks. Zac Denton joined me for the performance, and he and I recorded versions of them as well.

Now that I am several months removed from the project, the lyrics seem really odd. They all derive directly from the door-to-door information gathered, and some notes are included below. Additionally, because of the source, they songs are rather striaghtforward: those more accustomed to my noisy side might be surprised.

1. Turtle v. Otter

This song is about some of the wildlife along the Creek, but mores specifically it derives from one neighbor’s recollection that he’d see each year the marks of turtles hatching from the sandbars along the Creek, and also the tracks of river otters: they hunted and ate the baby turtles. This story brought to mind the many cute videos we all see on the internet, and how the perception of cuteness that they create in our minds is misleading, both in terms of the actual nature of animals, but also as to our own natures.

Jon: vocals, guitar, bass, electronic drums, snare drum
Zac: keyboards

2. Sediment is Sentimental

Several people told me about amateur archaeologists who visited the Creek to look for old Indian pottery and other artifacts. More generally, I thought about the conceptual overlap between “sediment” and “sentiment”: from the myriad tiny grains of experience, a seemingly solid structure forms, that, years later, we recall with sentiment(ality). The first line of the song is the first response I received on my door-to-door survey. Because the woman at this house didn’t open the door to me, I had to yell, “I am working on an art project!” to which she answered: “No thanks, my doctor checks my heart!”

Jon: vocals, guitar, electronic drums, snare drum
Zac: keyboards, vocals

3. Train and Owl

One particularly terse individual I interviewed, when asked about any sound he especially connected with living on the Creek, answered: “Train and owl.” I though those three words were a haunting poem. This is the live version of this song, as performed at Poem 88.

Jon: vocals, guitar, synthesizer, littleBits synthesizer
Zac: keyboards, vocals

4. Flood Plain

Not entirely finished, this one is a bit more light-hearted, and springs from the only negative to living on the creek that people identified: the requirement to carry flood insurance on their homes.

Jon: vocals, guitar, bass
Zac: keyboards, vocals


Here is a map that shows where the song material came from: 1=Sediment is Sentimental, 2=Turtle v. Otter, 3=Flood Plain, 4=Train and Owl, *=Poem88.




October 24, 2016

Some teamusic, made for a sweet friend’s lovely teashop. There is a whole CD of Teamusic.

Additional flute on this track by Jeffrey Grove.


The Long Scroll (2005-6)

August 24, 2016

This is a drawing (or, series of drawings) I made on one complete, continuous, roll of adding machine tape. It is very long. I constructed a box with turning handles to make it easier to draw on, and for people to view. It is on view at the Decatur Book Festival’s “Book as Art” exhibition at the Decatur Library, August 19 – Sept 30, 2016.

The Long Scroll and Drawing Box, 2005-6 from Jonathan Ciliberto on Vimeo.

The music was written in 2009, features Jeffrey Grove on saxophone and Caleb Herron playing triangles (center). I play drums, guitar, synthesizer. Everyone claps.


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