Recently Drawn (20-29 October)

October 30, 2015

2015-10-29-cole-eyedrum_col 10-29-2015: Cole Alexander at Eyedrum


10-29-2015-jowe-head-eyedrum 10-29-2015: Jowe Head at Eyedrum 10-29-2015-jowe-head-banana-eyedrum2 10-29-2015: Jowe Head eats a Banana at Eyedrum



2015-10-23-amy-odell-streetcar 10-23-2015: Amy O’Dell plays a Toy Piano on the Streetcar


2015-10-21-BF-Duo 10-21-2015 BF Duo


10-20-2015-art-world 10-20-2015: The Artworld


2015-10-20-bent-frequency-streetcar 10-20-2015 Bent Frequency performs on the Streetcar


2015-10-22-sony-icf-7601 10-22-2015: Sony ICF 7601 radio (a gift drawing)

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