Old New Mountain Forest

October 17, 2014

Old New Big Mountain Forest from Jonathan Ciliberto on Vimeo.

My parents bought a ‘cabin’ in North Georgia in the early 1990s. Then they sold that, bought a house in the same mountainous area, sold that and bought a house in the same mountainous area, and just recently sold that and bought another house in the same mountainous area. This last house’s property shares a border with the very first cabin’s property. Back in the 1990s I spent lots of time up in those woods, finding my own ways from the deeply forested backyard down a stream eventually to join the main trails in the area. When I went to visit the newest house recently, I explored the woods and found many familiar sights, twenty years later… I filmed cell phone video, and then that evening made some music using an old MXR equalizer, no inputs, plus Roland Space Echo. Here it is. Headphones recommended.

“Still noisy after all these years…”

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