I was invited by the experimental radio station Radius to provide radio-based art for their monthly podcast and local FM radio broadcast.

I made a number of pieces, one as a "Radio Ethnographer." Going out into the wild with a recorder and a portable radio, I surveyed the radio at the corner of Peachtree and Wesley in Atlanta. I used the portable radio as a Field Guide. The long line of cars stopped at the intersection presented lots of radio! Some of it was audible despite from within cars and trucks, while in other cases people willingly let me put my microphone right in the interior space.

Radio Ethnographer.

Here is the brief version of the report from this radio ethnographic survey:

"Radio Ethnographer" (brief report)

And here is the full version, as well as the full slate of radio pieces I made for broadcast on Radius. Videos were made of some of the pieces, including:


Radio Trio iii.



Two Circles of FM Feedback, Related